Quality, versatility, and reliability

This vehicle is the result of our customers’ demands and desires for quality, versatility, and reliability. With this vehicle, it’s easy to maintain high service levels for, among others, property management companies and restaurants.

The vehicle has a capacity and usability that has made it a favorite among our users, including its large storage spaces.

Equipment options

– Stainless steel tank
– Volume: 5.8 m³ divided into water compartment and sludge compartment.
– Tipping function and opening rear hatch.

High-pressure jetting:
– Type: 2 Pratissoli piston pumps.
– Capacity: 102 l/min, 160 bar for ½” hose, 60 m. As well as 37 l/min, 400 bar for 3/8″ hose, 60 m.
– The hose reels are hydraulically driven.
– The ¾” 20 m refill reel is spring-loaded.
– The hot water boiler is connected to the 400 bar pump and has a 3/8″ hose.

Vacuum pump:
– Hydraulically driven, Lob pump type.
– Capacity: 22,000 l/min.
– Separator designed to achieve optimal efficiency and prevent oversuction.
– The system is adapted to minimize vacuum losses.
– The system is adapted to minimize vacuum losses.

Suction hose reel:
– Suction hose reel on rear door with swivel and 35 m 2” suction hose.

Other standard equipment:
– Wide hose trays manufactured in polished stainless steel on one side.
– Åkerströms remote with the possibility of adjustable jet pressure.
– All cabinets are manufactured in polished stainless steel and finished with rubber sealed and lockable doors.
– Voltage inverter 220 V.

– Transfer pump: Capacity 1,500 l/min. A useful feature for working in flooded areas / overpumping.
– Suction hose reel with storage of 30 m 3” suction hose on tank side. Up to two suction hose reels available.
– Cabinets for tools and clothes are available in different sizes.Heating feature is available as option.
– Hot water facility hygienic hand washing as option also.