A real workhorse that you can rely on in all weather conditions.

Regardless of whether it’s winter or summer, this vehicle will deliver the results you need. With a tank made of stainless steel combined with a tipping function, it promises a long lifespan and high resale value. A variety of suction hose reels and equipment options to meet the specific needs of your missions.

Equipment options

– Tank in stainless steel.
– Volume: 15 m³ alternatively 16 m³
– Tipping function and opening rear hatch.

Vacuum pump:
– Hydraulically driven, Lob pump type.
– Capacity: 22,000 l/min.
– The system is adapted to minimize vacuum losses.

Suction hose reel:
– Swiveling suction hose reel. Rymmer 50 m 3” sugslang.

Other standard equipment:
– Wide and long hose boxes in glossy stainless steel on both sides.
– Åkerströms radio
– All cabinets are always made of stainless steel with rubber-sealed and
lockable doors.
– Clothes locker with heating.

– Transfer pump: Capacity 1,500 l/min. A useful feature for working in flooded areas / overpumping.
– Vacuum pump of the rotary vane or lob pump type.
Capacity up to 38,000 l/min
– The system is adapted to minimize vacuum losses.
– Acid-resistant tank
– Extra sludge compartment with the possibility to transfer liquids between compartments.
– Tool cabinets and clothing lockers are available in several different sizes, can be obtained
with heating.
– Environmental cabinet with hot water for hand washing and space for
soap dispenser.
– Multiple selectable hydraulic-driven suction hose reels. Swiveling
or foldable, with swivel option or for storage. Mounted
on the rear.
Accommodates up to 70 m of 3″ suction hose.