An uncompromising recycler

New: ReComb

Our ReComb recycler is the result of a meticulous development process where every detail has undergone thorough analysis and testing to ensure an uncompromising product of the highest quality. With ReComb from Rolba, you get user-friendliness, safety, and efficiency all in one product.

Easy to use

By integrating optimized features and safety measures, we have created a recycler that is not only easy to use but also provides maximum operational reliability. A press of a button is enough to activate recycling, and when all criteria are met, the process starts automatically. Each component is carefully selected and designed to meet the demands and challenges you may
face in your daily work.


We understand the importance of being able to work efficiently and profitably. That’s why we designed Recomb so that you can have a smooth and efficient workflow. By reducing unnecessary downtime and optimizing performance, you as the user get even more out of our product and can thereby increase profitability. With a filtration grade of 0.1 mm, the system is gentle on pipes, jetting nozzles and lines in the system. It prolongs the service life of the system and reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance.


Vacuum pump
Jurop PVT 400. 38 000 l/min free air.
Filtration jetting water
1 μm 650 l/min.
Jetting pump
Pratissoli MK2 65R. 150 bar, 410 l/min.
Tank volume
11 m³ sludge, 3 m³ grey water, 1 m³ fresh water.
Drainage pump
1 350 l/min.
With 15 m 5” suction hose.
Suction hose reel
With 30 m 3” suction hose.
Jetting hoses
Hose reel with 80 m 1⁄2”.
Hose reel with 180 m 1” and hydraulic hose spreader.
Remote control
A button transmitter with all functions except the crane and a joystick trans­ mitter with a display showing engine speed, water level, jetting pressure and hose length measurement for 1” hose.

Swedish quality,
made in Hedesunda

For us, Hedesunda is the heart of Sweden. Here, we produce our products of uncompromising quality with pride and dedication. All for a long and secure ownership.

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