Service & spare parts


Preventive service, repairs and spare parts

If you need service on your Rolba or Rioned unit, trust one of our service partners. With knowledgeable staff and preventive maintenance programs, we assist customers in ensuring smooth operation of their vehicles.

Transfer of equipment between chassis, alterations and tank audits are other examples of the work we undertake. Turn to us at Rolba with confidence for any service, repair or rebuild of sewer cleaning/vacuum vehicles

Our well-sorted spare parts stock contains most of the wear and tear parts our customers need for the operation of their vehicles.

Our goal is for you to get your spare parts no later than the day after you ordered.

Spare parts

Robert Andersson
Tel: +46 291 47 10 56

Technical support/service

Rickard Bergström
Tel: +46 29 147 10 54


Service and repairs near you

As a customer, you have the opportunity to have your vehicle serviced and repaired by one of our accredited, trained service providers. When you hand your vehicle in to one of our service partners, we want it to be cleaned and degassed.

Click here to retrieve documents for certification of degassing.